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When to Schedule an Appointment With a New York County Company That Offers Gas Inspections Near You

Are you a general contractor are an architect who needs a professional gas line inspection for a newly constructed building? Are you a homeowner or business owner who wants to schedule an annual Clinton, NY gas inspection to ensure the safety of your property? Whatever your situation may be, if you’re looking for a reputable company that specializes in gas inspections near you, get in touch with EZ Runer Construction. Since 2001, our fully licensed and insured, locally owned and operated Clinton, NY gas inspection company has been ensuring the safety and efficiency of New York County properties. Our team of certified and highly skilled technicians uses the most advanced strategies and state-of-the-art technologies to conduct comprehensive gas system inspections and ensure the most stringent safety requirements are met. If any issues are detected, we’ll make the repairs that are necessary to correct them. If you’re looking for a company that offers fast, efficient, and affordable gas line inspections, instead of searching online for “gas inspection near me”, contact the contractor that New York County trusts most: EZ Runer Construction.

When Should You Schedule an Appointment with a Clinton, NY Gas Inspection Professional?

From hazardous gas leaks to no hot water, gas line problems can cause a variety of issues that no homeowner wants to deal with. In order to prevent major issues, if your New York County home is powered by natural gas, annual Clinton, NY gas inspections performed by a licensed professional are highly recommended. During a gas line inspection, a licensed technician will conduct a thorough assessment of all of the fittings that run gas into your New York County property to ensure that everything is functioning properly, and if any issues are detected, they will be corrected before they pose serious problems. However, outside of routine Clinton, NY gas inspections, there may be other times that you’ll need to call in a professional.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your New York County home, here’s a look at four times that you should schedule an appointment with a company that specializes in gas inspections near you.

A New Home Purchase

If you’re planning on purchasing a new house that’s powered by natural gas, be sure to schedule an appointment for a Clinton, NY gas inspection. Even if you’re having a home inspector assess the property, it’s definitely in your best interest to have a certified professional that specializes in gas line inspections check things out. A certified, experienced, and highly trained professional will perform a thorough assessment of the property’s gas lines and fittings. If any issues are detected, you could ask the sellers to make the necessary repairs before the sale is final or you could propose a lower selling price in exchange for fixing the problems yourself.

By having a technician that specializes in gas inspections near you assess the property you’re planning on buying, you can have confidence knowing that your new New York County home will be safe and that your investment will be sound.

Increased Utility Bills

It’s normal for utility bills to fluctuate; for example, if you’ve been using your appliances more or if natural gas prices have gone up, your energy bills will go up. However, if you’ve noticed a big spike in your gas bills and your consumption and fuel prices haven’t increased, that could be a sign that something is wrong with your gas line. If your utility bills seem abnormally high and there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason, schedule an appointment with a New York County company that offers gas inspections near you.

A licensed and trained professional will perform a comprehensive examination of all the components of your gas line. If it’s determined that a leak exists, premium-quality equipment and advanced techniques and strategies will be used to address the issue. When your gas line is fixed and functioning properly, your utility bills will come down and the safety of your New York County home will be restored.

Changes to Your Landscaping

If you’ve noticed any unusual signs in your New York County yard, there could be a problem with the gas lines on the outside of your house. For example, a leak in a gas line can kill nearby plants, or puddles on the ground near the line may bubble up. If you’ve noticed anything strange with your landscaping, get in touch with a professional Clinton, NY gas inspection company. A certified technician will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if a gas leak is, indeed, the cause of the problem and if so, will make the repairs that are necessary to correct it.

Signs of Leaking Gas

A gas leak is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed right away. Gas is highly flammable and as such, a leak can lead to fires or explosions. It also releases noxious fumes, and exposure to those fumes can be hazardous to your health. Fortunately, there are signs that you can look for that indicate the existence of a gas leak. These signs include:

  • The smell of rotten eggs. Pure natural gas is odorless. To make it easier to detect, gas suppliers mix additives into the fuel, and those additives produce a smell that’s similar to rotten eggs. If you notice the pungent smell in your New York County house, that’s a telltale sign of a gas leak.
  • Physical side effects. Exposure to the toxic fumes that natural gas produces can be hazardous to your health. If you or anyone in your home is experiencing strange symptoms, such as intense headaches, excessive sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest pains, and labored breathing, or anything else that seems off, those could be signs of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a gas leak.

If you suspect that there is a gas leak in your New York County home, make sure that everyone immediately vacates the premises. Once you’re in a safe location, contact your local fire department and your gas supplier, and then schedule an appointment with a Clinton, NY gas inspection contractor.

Looking for a Reliable Company That Specializes in Gas Inspections Near You?

Whether you need to schedule an annual gas line inspection, you’re purchasing a new house, or you suspect there’s a problem with your gas line, instead of searching online for “gas inspection near me”, contact EZ Runer Construction. As a fully licensed and insured Clinton, NY gas inspection company, we have been ensuring the safety of New York County properties for more than 20 years. Call 718-443-6865 or visit to speak with one of our associates and schedule an appointment.

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