Landlords and Local Law 152: Gas Inspections

You’re a landlord, but did you know that you need to perform a gas inspection to ensure that your property is safe? Many landlords are unaware that they need to have a gas inspection for a variety of reasons, from environmental concerns to safety for tenants. The process starts by scheduling an inspection.

If they find anything, they will let you know. The inspection will include a visual examination of all gas lines exposed to the air, including those at building service meters and in public areas. They’ll be looking for evidence of excessive atmospheric corrosion, deteriorated piping, and any illegal connections or installations.

The inspector will perform a visual survey of all exposed gas piping, including building service meters and public areas. They’ll be looking for signs of excessive atmospheric corrosion, deterioration, or illegal connections.

In addition, the inspector will look for code violations and sealants. If they find any of these issues, they’ll contact the appropriate authorities, such as the Department of Buildings. During an inspection, the inspector will inspect any leaks and check for any signs of rust, corrosion, or damage. If you’re in need of a Local law 152 gas inspection then contact ez runner today.