NYC Gas Inspections

A gas inspection entails the licensed gas safety engineer on site to evaluate the overall safety of your gas appliance while they test your system and ensure that your machine is running properly. They will normally check the following:

For large commercial accounts, gas inspection services will also include tests of refrigeration equipment. These test the appliances using carbon monoxide detection, leak detection, and furnace testing. Ez runner also offer leak detection and gas line repair services. The professional team will also analyze the natural gas pipelines to identify the problems and rectify them.

Gas inspection is a very important service because it not only ensures safety but also saves you money by reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. It is therefore advisable for any household with gas appliances and central air conditioning to have yearly inspections. The inspection program benefits all customers because the inspection helps to promote better efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction levels. Contact Ez runner for a gas inspection today.